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The Netherlands

Utrecht - The Netherlands
Project Manager EU Creatie Urban Renewel (CURE) Project

Rotterdam - The Netherlands
Programma Manager Internationale Projects
Port of Rotterdam - City Harbour

The Netherlands/Brussels

EU EACEA Research
: Study on the Entrepreneurial Dimensions of SMEs in the Creative Industries
Creative Economies and Creative Cities Projec
  • Aims: The European Union has decided to support the Small and Medium enterprises within the Art Sector within the 27 EU countries. It has granted the University of the Arts HKU to execute and coordinate the research needed to develop policy strategies (green paper). The research project recognizes the growing importance of innovation processes and user-generated product development.
National Museum 'Our Lord in the Attic' ('Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder') Amsterdam
International Project Development
  • Aims: The Museum is one of the top-hundred National Museums in the Netherlands. In order to improve the delicate balance between the two main tasks - preservation and presentation – it has decided to execute a careful restoration, refurnishing and double the working space of this important monument.
  • Method: The project has been embedded in the long-term Centre Development Plan has been developed by the Amsterdam City Council. This Coalition Project 1012 — named after the postal code for the area — that will involve hundreds of millions of Euros.
  • Results: The Museum project is budgeted at EUR 10 million. A formal application has been forwarded to the EU Regional Development Fund (ERDF/ 'Kansen voor West') within the EU framework of the regional policy reform. The subsidy has been granted. The execution of the project started at February 2010.


University IFM , Institute of Finance and Management, 
Geneva, Switzerland 
Study Counselor
  • Aims: to develop an interface between the University Board of Management, the students, parents and regional organizations
  • Method: a regular coaching system has been initiated and implemented, offering regular coacing sessions for students, staff and external partners (parents and regional contacts).
  • Results: Student fall-out has been significantly diminished . A regional structure of regular visits in the region (Reuters, Philip Morris, European Broadcasting Union, United Nations, etc) has been organized and implemented. The studentnumbers have risen from 160 to 290.
Lecturer MBA/BBA/BBF; courses and responsibilities:
  • Lecturing: Business Administration, Research Methodology, European Business, Media Communication, Marketing and Public Relations
  • MBA: Research Coordination and Supervision Master Theses.

World Radio Geneva (WRG) Community Association
  • Aims: The Swiss Broadcast system catered for four official national languages; German, French, Italian and Romansch. World Radio Geneva started out as a private, commercial radio station aimed at the international English speaking community.
  • Approach: Negotiations has been opened to secure the broadcast license and frequency band. Strategic discussions with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation have been initiated in order to incorporate the station in the National Broadcasting structure in Switzerland.
  • Results: WRG has been recognized as a national, English speaking station. In 2008 the commercial status has been transformed in a public funded entity under the name of World Radio Switzerland.
The Offshore Institute, Office of the President Geneva
Membership Coordinator, Managing Editor ‘The International Financial Intermediary’
  • Aims: The international financial sector has seen a drastic change in regulation, due diligence and compliance. The position of The Offshore Institute has to be strengthened and improved.
  • Approach: Enlarging the Membership Base, Coordinating Regional Conferences and Events, setting up an online Magazine in order to create an International Network and Platform for Reflection and Debate
  • Results: Doubled the Membership numbers in three year’s time, improved the reputation of the Institute as central service and knowledge centre within the sector.


ERIN S.A, Findel, Luxembourg
Manager European Helpdesk IPR, EU European Commission DG XIII (Research and Innovation Program) Luxembourg
  • Aims: The EU Directorate General XIII is mandated with the operational and strategic aspects of intellectual property. Within the context of its Research and Innovation Program it has been implementing various measures concerning innovation protection systems, in order to create awareness and to promote the importance of intellectual property rights issues in innovation processes.
  • Approach: The IPR Helpdesk has been developed by a consortium of partners from Ireland, Germany and Luxembourg. The multi-lingual help-desk provides first line IP related assistance, raises awareness of the importance of protecting and exploiting Europe's IPR assets assist European researchers with IP issues, and management of the patent portfolio of the European Union institutions.
  • Results: The Helpdesk has been initiated and created. The efforts have created one, uniform Ueropean multi-lingual registration system, that is binding to all EU countries.

The Netherlands

The National Entrepreneur Centre (Nationaal Bedrijvencentrum Kunst en Cultuur/Artwise)  Utrecht, the Netherlands
Founder and General Manager
  • Aims: Developing a National Entrepreneur Centre in order to support SME in the sector of Arts and Culture
  • Approach: Creating and developing - in cooperation with the Institutes of Higher Education, Trade Unions and Professional Coordinating Bodies Legal and Financial Structures for independent art organizations
  • Results: Coaching of individual artists and art-educators in their procesof creating their own independent enterprise. Developing courses Entrepreneurship for starters.

Republic of Ireland

County Council, Sligo, Rep of Ireland
Urban and Regional Planner, Project Manager Integration European Agricultural and Regional Policy
  • Aims: The admittance of the Republic of Ireland as a member of the European Union has had severe consequences for the regional development in the periphery of the republic. The project was set up to develop much-promising perspectives for the rural population in the Sligo' region.
  • Approach: The Sligo County Council has initiated field research in order to make an inventory of the recent developments and scan the different perspectives held by the population.
  • Results: A final report has been admitted to and accepted by the County Council, creating both strategic and operational measures in order to counteract the social and economical consequences of the EU policy. Creation of the Irish Development Association (IDA), Free Trade Zone.

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